Room Arranger

Room Arranger 7.0.4

Design, redecorate and arrange your room

You sometimes reconstruct rooms or rearrange things placed in them. You move heavy furniture just so everything can fit with no problem, be handy, and have good impact. This program enables you to simulate everything with no need to draw on a square paper, or to push things there and back repeatedly.

Main program features:

  • Design your room, or entire appartment consisting of more rooms
  • Wide standard object library, insert exact objects' dimensions
  • Create your library of objects you use more often (e.g. your typical window, chair)
  • Walk through the project in 3D
  • Print the project in certain scale even over more pages
  • Measure the distances in the project

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Room Arranger


Room Arranger 7.0.4

User reviews about Room Arranger

  • Charmort

    by Charmort

    "Does not work on I pad."

    I can't really write a review as Ihave an I Pad and the program does not work for me. I think it could have told me t...   More.